Pharmacy Benefit Advisor Tool
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How much could you save on your ideal pharmacy plan?

Find out now with the enhanced Pharmacy Benefit Advisor Tool

We just made it easier for you to design your company's ideal pharmacy
benefit plan. Try the enhanced Pharmacy Benefit Advisor Tool
from OptumRx, a part of Optum - a leading health services business.

Determine your needs and see how much money you could be saving with
our online, real-time financial calculator:
  • Financial calculator highlights potential savings
  • Tailored questions help you identify your needs
  • Pop-up messaging helps define benefits
How does it work?
Watch our tutorial video:
Download the brochure:
Here's the Pharmacy Benefit Advisor Tool at a glance:



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Gather staff feedback with the Employee Benefit Advisor Tool

Our Employee Benefit Advisor Tool enables you to gather input from your staff so you can tailor your pharmacy benefit plan to meet their needs:
  • Helps you design a plan that meets workforce needs
  • Gives employees feedback based on their responses
  • An easy way for your employees to rank pharmacy options